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Brittany Swim Team Handbook

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What to Expect at a Swim Meet

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Volunteer Info and FAQs

1. What are the volunteer requirements and why?

Volunteering for at least 4 half meets (4 points) per family is required. It takes about 50 Brittany volunteers to run a home swim meet and about 40 Brittany volunteers to run an away meet. Other than the coaches, the Brittany Swim Team is run completely by volunteers. Everyone’s participation is necessary and appreciated.

2. How can my family earn the points?

There are many opportunities to earn points before meets, during meets, and after meets. Most opportunities are 1 point per meet half. There are also jobs that would require work away from the pool.

3. My family will miss a swim meet, are we still required to do the same required 4 half meets?

Yes. Due to the large volume of participants, it is not possible to customize based on each family’s schedule.

4. My child is a non-competitive swimmer, do I still have same volunteer requirements?

If your child is not swimming in the ASA meets, you are not required to volunteer the 4 half meets. We do have mini-meet at the end of the season for our non-competitive swimmers to get practice. 

5. I have small children and I am concerned about being able to supervise my small children and volunteer at the meets.

There are many ways to earn points before and after the meets. Also, some parents or caregivers may decide to “ split” a meet and earn points. For instance, one parent may volunteer the first half of a meet while the other supervises the children and then switch at the halfway point of the meet.

We also have some volunteer roles that can be filled ahead of the actual meet day.

6. What if both parents work and would not be able to be there at the start of a meet?

The volunteer opportunities are divided between the first and second half of the meet.

7. I am unfamiliar with the different volunteer positions and don’t know what to sign up for.

Here is a brief description of each position. Each position is divided into first and second half of the meet unless otherwise noted. The first half of the meet is race# 1-43 and the second is race# 44-86. I have noted in parentheses how many of these positions per half are needed. Each position is 1 points per half unless otherwise noted.

Bullpen: (2 or 3 per age level) Bullpen is organized by age level. A bullpen worker would supervise their age group and ensure that each swimmer is in line and ready for their races.

Master Recorder: (1) The master recorder’s responsibility is to record official results of each race from the timers.

Place Judge: (1) The place judge will visually judge the result of each race to determine who touched the wall first, second, third etc. This is compared to the timer’s results if discrepancy with the timers in a race.

Judges Recorder: (1) The Judges recorder writes the information from the Place Judge.

Runner: (1) The runner collects the information from the Master Recorder to “run” back and forth to the computer operator.

Timer: (3) The timer will use a stopwatch and time each race in their lane. Brittany provides the stopwatches.

Recorder: (3) The recorder is partnered with a timer and will record the time for each race and then give those times to the Master Recorder as he/she collects them.

Announcer: (1) The announcer is a home meet only position. The announcer helps pace the meet and announces each race number.

Concessions Workers: (2) This position is for home meets only-This person would assist in preparing and setting out food for the meet before the start and sell concessions during the first half. The second shift worker would sell concessions food and then assist with clean up. 

Grill Operator: (2-3) The first half grill operator would arrive around 5pm to set up and start the grills and begin cooking. The second half operator would continue cooking if needed and then be responsible for clean up.

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