End of Season Swim Team Announcements/Reminders


    Summer swim team season has now come to a close. Thank you for such a fun, successful season! Below are a few reminders and announcements. 

    • The Brittany Barracudas are the proud recipients of the Runner Up trophy for our 4 of 5 dual meet wins in the South Division of ASA!
    • Brittany Barracuda’s teen swimmer, Katie Meyer, took many wonderful pictures of our swimmers and volunteers in action throughout our meets. These were shown at the awards banquet on Wednesday evening. If you weren’t able to attend, or you’d like to download copies of these for yourself, here is the link.
    • The Lost & Found bin at the pool is filled with lots of towels, goggles, etc. Please check this bin on your next trip to the pool for any items that may have been left during practices or meets.
    • If you weren’t able to attend the banquet on Wed night, please pick up your swimmers’ trophies and professional swim team pictures underneath the record board (near the water fountains) at the Brittany pool.
    • If any of your children could use more lessons, Coach Tori, Coach Grayson, and Coach Emma are happy to give private lessons at the Brittany Pool. For younger swimmers, they recommend just 20-30 min lessons. Their cell numbers are below to call/text them about lessons:
      • Coach Tori Granelli: 404-580-7797
      • Coach Grayson Harralson: 404-234-5060
      • Coach Emma Richerson: 404-883-9874

    Congratulations to the following Brittany Barracudas Swimmers who advanced to GA Tech Finals:

    • Robby Hardy
    • James Tarbutton
    • Braden Cornelison
    • Colt Henry
    • Sedona Cornelison
    • Madison King
    • Grayson Harralson
    • The entire Mackay family: Caleb, Nolan, Cohen, Wyatt, Laila, and Jacob
    • Joseph Patin
    • Erin Reilly

    If your child was excited by swimming this season and would like to explore year- round swimming, Dynamo and the Cowart YMCA on Ashford Dunwoody are the closest options. They will have registration soon for the fall. Give them a call to see which option may be best for your family’s schedule. Both facilities also offer winter/spring season, so you can take a few months off and pick it back up in January.

    Thank you, again, for a remarkable Brittany Barracudas summer swim season. Mark your calendar for Brittany Barracudas swim team registration next March! 

    Whitney, Catherine, Amber, & Tori

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